Wooden Cat Scratcher

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Wooden Cat Scratcher

This Wooden Cat Scratcher product is cardboard lounge bed and also a cat scratching pad. Cats can scratch, play and take naps on it. It can help protect furniture from claw damage. Highly recommend.


It is made of 100% recyclable and high-quality cardboard with non-toxic glue and no harmful wooden materials. The solid wood frame can prevent corrugated cracking effectively. And also can extend the service life.

Satisfied cat’s scratching instinct. Cats can choose one of the three different scratching choices, like 0°, 40°and 70°. And subtle curves make for easier scratching & a more comfortable place to rest & play. Much better for the cat’s spine.

Train your cat from scartching furniture

Micro-arc surface design

More suitable for cat body curve


Unique U-shaped bed design makes the cat rest more comfortable

The solid wood frame can effectively protect the corrugated paper, prevent cracking, reduce the slag on the edge of the corrugated paper, and make the corrugated paper last longer.















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